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Keep 'Em Clean. Keep 'Em Dry

An unavoidable certainty in the UK is rain. We have on average of 133 days of rain every year, this can cause havoc with machines paintwork, mechanisms but more crucially, electrical systems.

This particular issue was causing a 15 amp fuse to pop once a boom function was activated, after opening the cover what seemed like 3 litres of water came out and that familiar burnt electric smell. There are a few ways access platform owners can prevent water and corrosion damage to components

  • Keep Them Dry.

Makes sense really. The best plan would be to store your machine indoors however, if this isn't possible make sure that electrical boxes are well sealed and place a silica bag inside to take up the moisture.

  • Electrical Cleaner

Electrical cleaner or contact cleaner usually comes in aerosol form and is a quick and easy way of removing corrosion from electrical contacts.

  • Electrics Sealing

Petroleum Jelly or a battery contact spray are ideal for protecting large connections such as battery terminals, Anderson plugs etc. For smaller connections however, it can actually inhibit a good contact so an alternative would be electrical lacquer spray.

  • Pre Use Inspections

Even if your machine has been parked up for a small amount of time, you don't want to wait until you get to site and are ready for work before carrying out your pre use checks. If you carry out a good pre use inspection as recommended by the manufacturer it will be easier to pick up on issues such as corrosion.

For more information on how you can keep your machinery in top condition contact us on 01744 600095

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